Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx - slutty Busty mommy who loves the hottest and powerful joy. Willingly engaged in sex delicious and just perfect in it shows. Come to the strawberry being a Mature bitch and we can say that sexy Fox with this decision not progodali, it was fully justified. Immediately became cool to show themselves in the various pleasures: the subordination of the partners, Bang with a few reprobates, lesbian sex, domination and more. In various soft-core big boob Alexis good and irresistible.

Year of birth - 1975 (for his age the great harlot was preserved, this bitch knows how to keep his body in shape and obviously is hot and frequent sex helps her to do it). Country - USA. Her debut in porn was in 2010, then Mature beauty has already been 34 years, but for the real Jezebels age is not a hindrance. As noted, immediately became a great exercise in potent pleasures, showing that hardcore much like her. In many tasty commercials, it is given to young males, like teaching them great sex, but sometimes Mature males completely work out and in full use. And when the sex part takes a few people - it's just a song of debauchery and lust. Also in favor of the incomparable Alexa is the fact that it gradually enters into the spirit. Bitch start gradually and when it reaches its limit, then beauty is hard to stop and it will be posted in full. For several years in a hot pornography, she became a successful and popular milf.

Milking at Fox fifth the size of such juicy balls that reprobates like to play. And according to other parameters it is a miniature beauty, growth 162 cm, weight - 45 kilograms. But when begins the real hardcore, its small size is sent to the second insignificant plans. And even many young girls she can easily give great odds on endurance, flexibility and of course, bloodlust. At our website you'll find great movies with her participation. Much coveted porn, where sexy Alexis Fox just fine. Fans of Mature beauties all should be like.

About Pornstar

  • Place: United States, Pennsylvania
  • Date: 23.06.1975

Pornstar Statistics

  • Videos: 114
  • Rating: 100%


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