Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal

Alexis crystal - young flexible beauty that actively removed in a hot strawberry. Tear up her in the most delicious positions, she expertly fills the hole and takes the willing subordination of depraved partners. She is young, but already experienced and unique in a variety of sexual pleasures. By the standards of the European porn industry sexy Alexis can be called a rising star and her "ascension" is happening very rapidly.

Year of birth - 1993, country - Czech Republic (European country continues to "produce" a cool porn-Actresses). Known under the following aliases: Anouk, Dominika18, Sindy, Mika, Liz, Dominika, Alexxis, although most know her as Alexis Crystal, thin Czech harlot. There is strawberry, where incomparable beauty plays prudes, the debauchery she did not immediately agree, but when it starts, then quickly catches the courage and excitement, it is hard to stop. And its partners are always cherished moments and powerfully trouble-free tear Alexis. There she and shooting in semi-pornography, the beauty was humping in the woods, cars and many other interesting places. Naturally, all this was recorded on camera.

Growth skinny Alexis crystal is only 162 cm, weight - 50 kg and it's very versatile porn actress, bitch often occupies the most incredible position, in which its partners and powerfully punished. All "punishment" cutie endures, demonstrating that powerful sexual favors she likes me very much and take great pleasure.

Strawberry with her participation can be described as very coveted, from the beginning to the end rollers of the exciting visible and give the hottest impressions. On our resource you can look at them, a lot of excellent porn that you will get the unforgettable emotions and sensations.

About Pornstar

  • Place: Czech Republic
  • Date: 01.01.1993

Pornstar Statistics

  • Videos: 125
  • Rating: 100%


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