Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams - curvaceous blonde, young beauty, who famously starred in soft-core American and just great in different pleasures herself and shows implements. It allows lustful partners to dominate and it brings her real pleasure and enjoyment. Sexy Alexis often plays prudes who do not immediately agree to be a whore, but when the sex has already started, it quickly starts and then this baby is unstoppable. In many spots completely tear experienced lovers, although young males too she willingly engaged in sex.

Year of birth - 1992, city - Dade city (United States). Her home town is very small, so the childhood of Alexis took place in a calm and quiet atmosphere. She studied well and was able to go to medical College. And since 2012 started filming Nude for various men's magazines, saw it as a new life experience and a good job. And in 2013, became a star in pornography. Collaborated with various companies to create pornography, first with the most famous, then more famous, as they were able to show that she is capable. And there are a lot of full-length porn movies where the incomparable Adams is at the top and plays the main characters. Now it's called minx, the success of which deservedly came.

Externally Alexis Adams is very sexy and shapely girl, nature has not deprived of its natural beauty, and the strawberry was allowed to unfold in a desired way. All movies with her participation and to quickly carry away the hot end cool considered. Beauty always fully laid out and it was good.

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About Pornstar

  • Place: United States, Dade City, Florida
  • Date: 03.11.1992

Pornstar Statistics

  • Videos: 96
  • Rating: 100%


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